#FBF: Virgin Megastore

Remember when you’d walk into a store and buy music? Record stores still exist but they are far and in between. One of the best back in the day though was Virgin Megastore. It was a staple in the background when watching MTV’s TRL, it was the where you spent your time listening to new music at the mall at those awesome wall ports they had and it was one of the prime fixtures of Hollywood Boulevard back before the company went under and the stores were all shut down. Now in its place? A Hard Rock Cafe that makes me nervous. Where do they serve people? Is there even food in there?

A confusing new place in its place aside, it was a sad day when they took that away from the Boulevard because it not only meant technology had won once again, but it was one less place to kill time when at Hollywood & Highland. You can only be in Hot Topic for so long when you’re a certain age before you start to feel like Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street, or your own mom asking – what’s this, what’s that, why is this popular? That mall really took a hit when that had to exit.

Not only that, music as we know it has continued to take a hit thanks to the death of stores. We just don’t buy music anymore and I have to admit that I am guilty of downloading music. I haven’t in so long though. Not because I have morals, but because my laptop with everything on it took a dive and I’ve been too lazy. Today I rely on streaming and even that, that is bad for sales as well. This happens to be why you have to take out a mortgage for some tickets. You have Beyonce fans starting GoFundMe pages to score tickets to her next tour. That’s how it has to be now since we’re not paying for the art, artists have to make their money elsewhere. Even when they do. Look at Adele, girl broke sales records but I’m sure she won’t make as much off those than she will by hitting the road.

Back to Virgin Megastore though. While it’s a piece of the Boulevard that will always be missed, we all knew the it was only a matter of time.

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