Ramsey Wants to “See You Bleed”

Photo Credit: bluntassziggy

Every artist that comes out can be compared to someone before them. Backstreet Boys were clearly the 90’s version of New Kids On The Block with better vocals, The Weeknd has garnered comparisons to the King of Pop and well, I can’t really say who Ramsey sounds like in her latest single because her vocals have this unique appeal to them. She’s like of like a blend of a rocker chick and an act you’d see out in the middle of the desert at Burning Man. You may be able to trade her some food for a song and you’d be the one who’d end up full thanks to her filling talent.

Based in Los Angeles, she looks out of this world. The imagery surrounding her is as much a performance as I’m sure her stage show is. With striking photos that make you think you’re in a gallery in Downtown, her voice is just the icing on the cake when it comes to the wondrous environment she creates with her art. “See You Bleed” is just one of a handful of songs she has in her arsenal and with it comes this chilling delivery that is like pop taken to a mad scientist and run through a series of experiments. The end result being a must-listen experience for those who dare to be different when it comes to everything they do. If Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey managed to create a musical child, Ramsey just may be it.

In an industry that can churn out the same thing time and time again, Ramsey’s a bold statement in all aspects of her artistry.

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