Music Discovery – The Palechubs

If you like a little bit of jazz, infused with great reggae and blues, then you will dig this new group out of the Los Angeles.


The Palechubs are an up-and-coming band from the Harbor Area. The band members all grew up and went to school at Narbonne HIgh School, but really didn’t meet until mid-2015. Josh and Eddie met each other in their 10th grade History class 2010. They began to play music together and occasionally performed at a show that was held in the library once every month. Marco began to play guitar and compose his own music. With inspiration from Santana, boleros, and classic latin balads, Amor Silencio was created in 2011. Josh and Eddie graduated from Narbonne in 2012 and started to attend Harbor College. It was there were they rented tiny music rooms to freestyle and jam. In those tiny rooms, Hopeless Romantic was created. However, the duo stopped playing consistently and the ideas fell apart.

Marco joined his church band in early 2014 and began playing the guitar for their worship group. He soon encouraged his brother to join and together they performed every Friday for about a year. Although Marco didn’t play guitar long there because the bassist injuried his wrist. So Marco had to learn the bass. From then on he integrated himself as the groups bass player and began to learn more and more. After fully improving themselves in the church, they sought out Josh and began to work on music of their own. They would practice in Josh’s living room and it was there were many songs were created. In efforts to form a band, Marco looked to social media and found Christian Vigil, the drummer, who coincidentally also went to Narbonne. Soon they all joined forces and The Palechubs were formed.


Members: Lead Guitar: Eduardo Barajas Vocals and Guitar: Josh Mejia Bass: Marco Barajas Drums: Christian Vigil Keyboard: Samuel Garcia
Genre: Jazz/Reggae and Blues
Hometown: Harbor City, CA
Coming Up Shows 

Rok That Jam Tour


Jasper’s Bar & Grill, 3672 S. Bristol St.,Santa Ana, CA

Thu 9:30 PM · Bar 20 on Sunset · West Hollywood, CA, United States
3 people interested


Thu 8 PM · Whisky a Go Go · West Hollywood, CA, United States
5 people interested · 9 people going

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