Crown Plaza Drops “Staring at the Wall”

The story behind Crown Plaza could keep you glued to a Netflix series in a binge session. The story would keep you interested and the soundtrack would be stellar, especially with their latest, “Staring at the Wall” in attendance. They’re an Echo Park based band comprised of four talented individuals who come together to create music that’s one part dream, a dash of Sofia Coppola, two parts airplanes and a pinch of desert. Let us explain…

The band’s leading man found himself in his dad’s back office at LAX after a 6-year relationship came to an end. If that wasn’t enough, he then found out he had a baby girl on the way and then had to start splitting time between his band here in LA and his new daughter out in Arizona. With all that going on in your life, you can either freak out or put that energy to good use and make something grand out of it. Which is what he did with Martin Tomemitsu, Christina Galliard and James Roehl by his side.

Now they’ve just dropped a killer single that makes you think you’re part of a hazy scene in a Coppola movie. The lyrics are layered with nuances that make you feel as if you’re on a cloud floating from line to line. It’s an airy feel and definitely a fit for the Echo Park scene. As they continue to work on their full LP, you can continue to check “Staring at the Wall,” their first single, and keep an eye out for any dates that pop up for this foursome.

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