Hit Bargain: Hit Bargain

Photo Credit: Vashti Windish

When something doesn’t exist, make it. That’s what I learned long ago from the mind of Dr. Suess as his books contained the most insane language. Look where that got him though? He’s forever immortalized as one of, if not the best children’s author to have ever existed. That came to mind when I was listening to Hit Bargain’s self-titled record because when I couldn’t quite put my finger on the sound – I read they describe themselves as “queencore” which, and I quote is “the intersection of queer, queening and hardcore.”

With that in mind, I continued to listen and opened up to this new genre that’d been placed in my lap. When the lead single, “The Circuits That Cannot Be Cut” started up, my mind instantly went to the 80’s. It was shrill like a traditional punk song, but as the that one ended and “Song of Fainting” came on, there was a sense of glam. I can only imagine this is what the people of CBGB would’ve loved back in the day. As the record continued, “Cheap Death” was more or less the same as the last two and then “Major System” drew comparisons to Tsunami Bomb. All in all, this is a record for people who love punk in an old school way, and who love to color outside the lines every chance they get.

Again, when something does not exist – never be afraid to make it yourself. Our world would be nothing without the inventions and ideas of people who dared to think of the world around them differently. Hit Bargain have taken a history of punk, tossed in some glam and trashed it with hardcore and queening and have come up with their “queencore.” If that sounds like something you’d want to partake in, check out Hit Bargain, out March 25.

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