Music Monday: Rocking Back and Forth

We’re almost done with March but not quite yet. With Bieber taking over last week, we’re amping things up this week in LA with a couple a lot of rock, a trip back to a tubular time and some harp. Check out who is coming to LA and where they’ll playing this week!

Coheed and Cambria at Palladium on 3/22

Remember the first time you heard “A Favor House Atlantic?” We were all a little taken aback by the high falsetto voice of the lead singer Claudio but man oh man – they were a force and they have continued to be. Now they’re heading out for another tour and hitting LA with the one and only Glassjaw by their side.

At The Drive-In at The Fonda on 3/23

They’re career could be soap opera with the breakups and make ups but along the way they’ve paved the way for the post-hardcore scene and are often celebrated for it. That’s why this show is a must-get-out-of-the-house-and-be-at sort of event.

Ra Ra Riot at Teragram Ballroom on 3/24

A band for the past decade now, this indie rock outlet have been making fans with hits like “Each Year,” “Too Dramatic” and their most recent “Absolutely.” Now catch them live when they come through!

Joanna Newsom at Orpheum on 3/25-26

She can play the harp, keyboard and even has a dynamic set of pipes. What more could you want out of an artist? Well those looking to get in on some Newsom have two chances as she’ll be in town for a couple of nights over the upcoming week.

Totally 80s at The Rose on 3/26

Travel back in time with Missing Persons, Bow Wow Wow, Trans X and When in Rome. Yes, it’s time to get all dressed up in neon and party like it’s 1989!

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