The Hip Hop Shop: Kosha Dillz

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With Southern California being one of the homes of hip hop, we love to bring you the best and brightest the local scene has to offer. So one guy I could never book at my old gig was Kosha Dillz. He was a busy man then and still today. He was nice enough to take time out of his time at SXSW to drop in and answer a couple of questions to let our readers know more about himself, what got him stated in rap and much more.

Kendra: What initially sparked your interest in hip hop?

Kosha Dillz: My buddy Yak Ballz was an early emcee in the game in the Def Jux Era. I loved rapping with my friends and rocking to Wu Tang when I was 14/15. I really felt the music in a system my boy had in his brown oldsmobile. I enjoyed it so much.

Kendra: Being that hip hop has so many sub-genres under its umbrella these days, where do you fit in?

Kosha Dillz: I feel I come in under indie hip hop. A broad spectrum of artistic people that are approachable yet also have the fun life of college party vibe and for surely the spiritual vibe of the Jewish aspect in my music. For fans of Wu Tang and Matisyahu and former frat party dropouts and kick outs and parents and all…

Kendra: If you had to pick one song of yours that defined your career so far, which would it be and why?

Kosha Dillz: “We Are Different.” Every line that comes in the song means something and the title defines me. Also Murs’ lines in the song define me so much as well.

Kendra: When it comes to live shows, what are you bringing that sets you apart from other emcees?

Kosha Dillz: I am very interactive and sort of have a OCD vibe that combines Larry David with aggressive NCAA wrestler/former convict.

Kendra: Let our readers know what’s up with you right now and for the rest of the year?

Kosha Dillz: Currently at SXSW playing a gazillion shows and curating my OY VEY series. I am finished with an amazing album called what I do all day and pickle featuring Matisyahu, Flex Mathews, Ida Hawk, Mickey Shiloh and more. It’ll come out in May. I am also headed to perform in Krakow Poland this summer at, which will be a concert post 55-mile bike ride supporting Holocaust survivors. It is going to be a moving experience. I hope to tour my album in Europe then.

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