Better Than Salem Drops new album “Press Start”

Louisville Kentucky Pop Rockers drop tight new album called “Press Start”.  With five powerful songs, this album starts off strong with “Back Before Dawn” and does not slow down until the final chords are played on closer track ‘The End”.

First formed through Mom’s Music Rock School, Better Than Salem includes some of Louisville and the surrounding areas best young musicians.

Better Than Salem is on the way to being the newest face in the regional rock music scene.

Drawing from years playing on the local scene, the current members of Better Than Salem have all seen the ups and downs of Louisville’s local music scene. As other groups have come and gone around them, they have remained active thanks to a constant musical dedication. In the two years since the group was first started under the name Paranoia as an all-cover band through Mom’s Music Rock School, there has been a lot of change. Line up changes and the familiar pain of paying dues has definitely changed the group for the best.

One thing Better Than Salem has always set out to try and do is add their own unique sound to the rock style they all mutually enjoy playing. Everybody brings something to the table, especially when it comes to original material.

For as young as these dudes look, their sound and energy is totally huge.  We know you will like them and feel confident in saying they are definitely on the come up.

Check them out


Better than Salem Band Members:

Scott O’Donnell – lead vocals, piano

Skyler Jones – Lead guitar, acoustic guitar, talk box, vocals

Brett Sharp – Drums, percussion, unclean vocals

Nick Tehrani – Bass guitar



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