Polaris Rose: Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies

The end of January seems like just yesterday as that’s when we were dishing about Polaris Rose’sTigerBait,” but now it’s about two months later and we have their full EP right here in our hands. Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies centers around the same idea their lead single did back at the start of the year. It’s mature pop for those who’ve moved on from Top 40 but still crave something delightful and catchy.

They start out strong with “Stars & Stripes” and with both Maddie Elyse’s vocals are only given more depth with Peter Anthony’s backing hers up. It’s quite a dynamic these two have drawn up in their delivery. “Rose” plays much like “TigerBait,” while there was something very duwop/Meghan Trainor about the choruses of “SodaJerk,” but with less of that modern pop Trainor tosses in for radio’s sake. In their case, Polaris Rose gives some pop to their indie rock and creates quite the genre bending record with only a handful of tracks.

Never gone is that beach feel as Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies continues to build on what this California-based duo has carved out as their niche sound. So those who like their pop with more of a mature beat, check out Polaris Rose’s newest, out March 25.

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