Baskerville Jones’ Path to the Top is So Right

Born in the Bible Belt, Baskerville Jones grew up in the church singing her heart out and it was only natural that she lead a musical life after that. One thing led to another and she has since found herself playing overseas and throughout LA – where she moved and over time made some good friends in the business and is now preparing for the release of a new EP later this spring. Now it’s time to find out how she came to known as Baskerville Jones, what she does that’s “So Right” and more…

Kendra: That’s quite a name you’ve got. It screams secret detective. It screams old school blues artist. Is that the name you had since birth?

Baskerville Jones: I wasn’t a part of that famous detective story. But, most of the time I introduce myself, “I’m Baskerville….as in the ‘The Hounds of..'” The name “Baskerville” has been with me since birth – but as my last name. When I was growing up, I was always around people who referred to each other by their last name, because my Mom was in the military. So it only seemed normal for me when my friends and teachers would call me “Baskerville” before they called me by my first name.

Most of the time it was because they were intrigued, or because they found an opportunity to make fun of my name. One day, my bandmate, Loslito from The Rebirth, decided he’d be one of those to joke on me. He started singing Cheech & Chong’s 70’s parody “Basketball Jones” and replaced the words with “Baskerville Jones.” I laughed! I loved it! And that was the day I discovered that I had a new name. It fit everything that is me.

Kendra: Born in Nashville, was it a given that you’d have musical soul, or was music something you found when you were older?

Baskerville Jones: It was definitely a Nashville thing. Being in the Bible belt, I, like most people there, grew up in church. And, at my church, singing (pronounced SANG-in) is what we did! It was in me, as I led different musical groups at a young age. But as I grew older, I discovered an appreciation for other artists, an appreciation for other styles of music, and a deeper understanding of how music applies to life; that’s when my ‘musical soul’ developed even more.

Kendra: When you moved out to LA it’s noted that you got in with some notable people in music. What’s your advice to other transplants looking to get their foot in the door in a new city?

Baskerville Jones: Get out of the house! Meet people. Find people you genuinely connect with and maintain those positive relationships. Those relationships can be the leads to your coming opportunities. But don’t ignore the talent in the meantime; you have to continue to grow! Understand where you are in your journey, and be encouraged that if you feel like you fall short of what you want to be, you won’t always be in that place. You can go beyond that – but only if you keep using your talents. Invest in these things, and be patient because time, experience, and a little bit of faith are key. All the other things will fall into place.

Kendra: Maybe they just have to have something that’s “So Right?” Haha, well that is the name of your latest single. So tell us, what was that last thing that happened to you that felt “So Right?”

Baskerville Jones: Falling in love. I said I wouldn’t do it again…but don’t we all? Sometimes we can’t help who we fall in love with – even if it is with the person that we were raised to believe is unacceptable. Love has no labels; and I believe the way you love is up to you, regardless of what your family, your neighbors, or anyone else thinks. It feels “So Right” to accept it, and even defend it, when necessary.

Kendra: What do you have planned for the test of 2016 as fat as your Music’s concerned?

Baskerville Jones: On May 3rd, I’ll be releasing my new EP called Mile 1. This is a collection of songs – including “So Right” – that I’ve written, marking experiences that I’ve had in the early part of my journey as a solo artist. There’s sounds from different parts of me mixed in there – a little blues, a little gospel, a little soul, a little folk, married into one musical experience. It’s possible that I’ll let one of the songs out of the bag before the EP release for those who are following along! After Mile 1, there are a few surprise collaborations coming, as well. No announcement has been made, but they are planned for a 2016 release.

Kendra: Maybe playing the UK again? How was your experience overseas?

Baskerville Jones: I will definitely be back in the UK! I love it there! Once the EP is out, I plan to be jumping the pond! Whenever I go to the UK, it feels like a second home to me; everyone is so welcoming and craving good music!

Kendra: Do you have any shows coming up we should know about?

Baskerville Jones: Live show dates will be announced on my site later this month. And, in the meantime, I’m asking everyone to save the date for a live streaming and chat on March 29th at 6pm PST. Also, there will be pop-up appearances throughout the month of March and April, some of which will be featured live on Periscope.

Kendra: Is there another up and coming artist in your soul meets folk scene that you are digging right now that we should check out?

Baskerville Jones: If you haven’t checked out Mishal Moore (a part of duo We are Baker) do it! Also, an artist to look up is Dessy DiLauro. She’s not exactly soul meets folk, but a hip soulful twist on some traditional music.

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