Did you ever watch this show on TV? If you had Direct TV back in 2006, then maybe you passed by it once or twice. If not, it’s likely this is something totally new to you. However, if you were a kid or fresh faced college freshman in LA – this was the jam, for the most part. That’s the thing about this city – we’re near so many major television studios that we are lucky enough to see tapings all the time like it’s a normal day out on the town, and this show was one of them – and at times, one of the best.

Imagine going to one taping and seeing like four or five artists sing their hit songs? That’s what this taping was like. Yeah, you may only see them do one or two, but the variety that was had in each taping was always interesting. I remember seeing Rob Zombie and if I can recall right…the Ying Yang Twins during one taping. Where else could that happen? Not many places. It was a shame this show never took off because it’s likely I would’ve still been entertaining the idea of taking in a taping every once in awhile.

While CD USA has since hung up their hats for good, there are still a lot of great, and free, ways to see music in this town. Personally, if you want to see your favorite artist, or maybe just check out something new that you don’t want to necessarily pay for – Jimmy Kimmel is a blessing. Whenever an artist comes by and plays his outdoor stage, it’s likely they’ll play two or more songs than the two they play for the taping. That’s not always the case though. Note, Pink and Ricky Martin did their two and peaced out, while artists like 50 Cent and Kanye West have been known to play at least 10. It all depends on the day and how the artist feels. Also, if you’re wondering who almost always puts on the best show…Usher, hands down. His fans and he himself are always a good time.

We’ve looked back at a fallen show where artists like Chris Brown, Jack’s Mannequin and Trace Adkins have all performed at, but have also given you a heads up about where you can still get your free music going on in LA. Take advantage of living near shows that are always looking to fill their audiences. For tickets to Jimmy Kimmel, head here!

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