L.A. Band Donkey Island Penitentiary Escape with “Exile on 4th Street” EP


To truly appreciate Donkey Island Penitentiary the reader must go where few men have gone before – into the bowels of imaginary prison.  In this place you will encounter many things among which will include, but won’t be limited to, bluesy harmonicas, punchy but not overly aggressive lyrics and vocals, solid drums and in some instances (like on the “Look Into My Eyes” Prelude track) a strange concoction of synth strands and warp drive electronic wails.

As musical outlaws Donkey Island Penitentiary band members Big Dave, Vincent, Alejandro and Miguel play aggressive tributes to time travel, vigilante justice, and deals with devils as they continue to evade the law and play a fuzz barking harmonica and punk driven blues

Our personal favorite is “Going Down” on Track 5, a slower moving song that will yank at your heart while you are tapping  your toes and rolling to it’s classical blues rock beat.

Donkey Island Penitentiary released their First EP, “Exile on 4th Street”,and are having an EP release show at the end of the month in Anaheim, CA at The Doll Hut.



Donkey Island Penitentiary

Band Members

Big Dave Perea: Harmonica, Vocals
Vincent Perea: Drums –
Alejandro Speranza: Guitar
Miguel Vasquez: Bass

The escaped convicts of Donkey Island Penitentiary survive in the Los Angeles Underground as a high energy, fuzz harmonica driven punk blues band. donkeyislandpenitentiary.com

Learn more about the the escaped inmates of Donkey Island Penitentiary here or help them continue along their path to musical freedom on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon, streaming on Spotify, Shazam, and many other places music is stolen and heard




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