Kate Brown Brings Dixie to LA


It’s not rare to find an implant in LA, both people and the plastic kind but today we’re talking about Iowa implant Kate Brown. She came where with music on her mind and a game plan in hand. She’d always had a sense of passion for singing and rightfully so. After doing what she could with homemade CDs in coffeeshops back home, she packed up and decided to see what the west had in store for her. Today she calls Los Angeles home and is working with her latest single, “Bring Me Down Dixie.” It showcases her powerful pipes as they have this sense of depth and maturity to them that makes it seem like she’s been at this for decades longer than her actual peers.

What’s different about Kate is that she’s not just in this game for herself. She has a family to look out for and more importantly to support her as she takes on the world with her latest, “Bring Me Down to Dixie.” We’re sure her wife and kids are some of her biggest fans, if not her biggest but they’re likely willing to share their loved one with the world as they know she’s got what it takes to make an impact on it. If you’re interested in hearing more from Kate Brown, check out her site and latest single, now.


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