JoLivi Gears Up for Dinah Shore

With a love for Gwen and Alanis growing up, it was clear that JoLivi was going to grow up to create music that was both fun and heartfelt – and that’s just what she did. Now she spends her time making musi, when she’s not sitting in LA’s horrendous traffic. Which hopefully doesn’t make her trip east to Palm Springs for Dinah Shore a nightmare. No, no – it’s going to be a dream as she plays alongside the likes of Elle King and Sam Ronson. Now, get to know more about JoLivi and then head out and see her at Dinah Shore this weekend.

Kendra: Being vulnerable isn’t something we’re born with. You talk about that in your music, but at what age did you realize it was okay to be vulnerable and actually showcase that with the world?

JoLivi: I realized that probably middle of college. That it was ok to let people in. It was ok to know that someone might break your heart …And that you might have moments in your life where you don’t think you can move on from a love or a loss…And to understand and remember that time heals everything…Always.

Kendra: You have to be a 90’s girl at heart with Gwen Stefani and Alanis Morrissette being two of your musical heroes, but if each of them walked up to you offering to remake any of their songs with you – which would you pick and what song would you all be doing together?

JoLivi: That’s easy and hard at the same time. For Gwen def “Underneath it All!” She is such a badass. To incorporate different genres and to work with different producers and still put all the same songs on one album is fierce. Alanis is a little harder to decide because she has ballads…And fuck you heartbreak songs…And those lyrics. She’s incredible, but I would choose…gahhhh this is so hard. So I’m choosing my top three; “Ironic,” “Thank You,” and “Uninvited!” Boom!

Kendra: Gwen’s been in the news lately because of her love life. Would you ever want to be that famous that your life was a constant headline in grocery store tabloids?

JoLivi: I want to be influential. I want my fans to cry, laugh, dance etc to my music. I don’t want it hidden or put on the shelf!! If I want all that then being that famous is the road I’ll take. For every moment of bad tabloids there’s a million other moments when you get emails and letters and fans that tell you that my music helped them through ANY situation, and that’s fucking worth it.

Kendra: I mean you’re getting up there with booking Dinah Shore in Palm Springs. You’ll be alongside Elle King and Sam Ronson. What do you have planned to make your performance one of the most-talked about that weekend?

JoLivi: I’m doing a 3-piece (DJ and bass player). This is all about the audience!!! I want them happy and dancing at all times. Throwing in originals spliced with some great club charters. Also bringing a special guest whose music is so invigorating. I feel so darn lucky to be in any kind of category with the artists and djs that will be performing at Dinah!

Kendra: Taryn Manning from Orange is the New Black will also be spinning at Dinah Shore. What character on that show do you think would be the biggest fan of your music and why?

JoLivi: Love Taryn Manning. Crossroads with the fabulous Britney Spears. What a classic!! And 8 Mile of course. So excited to see her. As for a character I would say Alex Vause aka Laura Prepon!! She’s sexy, spontaneous, and natural. Plus she loves to dance. Right?!!

Kendra: Your song “Fed Up” made me wonder, what was the last thing you found yourself fed up with?

JoLivi: The last thing…Hmmm. It’s a constant thing I’m fed up with!! LA traffic.

Kendra: Sticking with the song titles for a minute, “Do It” made me think of Nike’s slogan and then a bucket list. What are a few things on your musical bucket list you may try and check off this year?

JoLivi: I want to tour consistently. I want to jump on a tour with one of the many amazing artists out there. Travel, collaborate, make new fans. Create some kickass new music videos for my next singles!

Kendra: Are there any other up and coming artists playing Dinah Shore that you’re excited to check out?

JoLivi: Obviously the talented and beautiful Elle King, and very excited to see Sam Ron DJ!!!

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