Ramonda Hammer Serves Up “Goddamn Idiot”

Photo Credit: Jason Charles


When you see the word “grunge” there are a few images that come to mind. The obvious being Cobain. What I loved about hearing Ramonda Hammer though is that you don’t see him or anything close. Well, that’s a lie. Being that this LA-based band is more on the grunge-pop side, you hear that 90’s influence and could see these guys and gal going back in time and playing a college show alongside Liz Phair and Hole. At least that’s what can be heard when diving into their latest single, “Goddamn Idiot.”


Being that they’ve taken the grit of grunge and softened it up with pop, “Goddamn Idiot” really showcases what they’re all about best. Right away you’re welcomed by a sweet and endearing vocal performance, but you’re getting this overzealous pop star. Instead, it reminded me of the band that played the prom in 10 Things I Hate About You. No, not The Donnas – they were in another movie, but now that it’s in my head. I could see this band being in the same realm as them as well. With a name taken from the show Cheaters, Ramonda Hammer is your new favorite band if you find yourself constantly searching for grunge-pop on Spotify. Check them and “Goddamn Idiot,” out now – and check out their new album, Whatever That Means, out April 29.


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