Celebrate Christmas Early with Amy Virginia Buchanan

Creating stories about the people behind a song, it’s something we all do – and I’m 100% sure we’d all be able to guess Amy Virginia Buchanan had a history with the arts. Her latest single “Coney Island Xmas Day” sounds like a song you’d hear only on a stage, backed by dancers and a wardrobe change. That’s the thing though, this singer isn’t just someone with a voice. She comes with a particular set of skills that aren’t’ all vocal-centric. A New York transplant as of 2011, she came there with a bag of tricks that included a history with the theater.

“Coney Island Xmas Day” is just the first hint of what people can expect from her upcoming debut that’s slated to drop this May. So about a month out – we can already tell she’s about to pop as her voice is addicting in the way Red Vines are during a night out at the movies. A quirky take on pop, she’s like if Jess from New Girl left education and started a band – but was less She & Him, and more like a day in the middle of summer. If you can’t get enough of this girl so far – make sure to keep tabs on Amy, and be the first to pick up her debut this May!

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