Riley Biederer From ‘The Voice’ to the Road

What 19-year-old me would’ve done to be on tour with Nick Carter. The dream of a 29-year-old today, was just another day at work for former Voice contestant Riley Biederer recently. While she got to tour with my childhood crush, I totally get where she’s coming from when she thinks back to freaking out over Nick Jonas back in the day and of course, Justin Bieber. Alas, she was recently on tour with a Backstreet Boy and with him came a cascade of devoted fans she had to win over every night – which she likely did since some of them ended up following the tour.

With some new fans made, they were likely singing along to her debut EP, To Me and You, and we talked about that, young love, her time on reality TV and so much more as she has finally gotten home from the road and had time to reflect.

Kendra: I’ve talked with a couple of lovely ladies from The Voice family over the years, and knowing all experiences are different – what were the highs and lows of your time on the show?

Riley Biederer: The Voice was honestly such a cool experience! I think, no doubt, my highest high of all time was meeting Rihanna. I couldn’t have had a better celebrity mentor on my season. She’s my favorite singer and I’m super inspired by her music, so that was incredible! There really weren’t many lows. I guess for me it was tough being out there for so long, and being away from family and friends. It was definitely one of the most memorable experiences I’ll probably ever have so I’m super happy I did it!

Kendra: Now you’ve moved on and have your EP, To Me and You. It’s all about young love – which can be the most confusing thing. Do you think love gets easier as you get older?

Riley: I think you definitely grow when it comes to love as you get older for sure. You go through things, you learn about yourself and others; it just becomes something I think that’s always changing.

Kendra: Your current single, “Game Over,” must be going over well – it’s great and your voice is killer on it. How involved are you in the writing process with everything?

Riley: I would say I’m pretty involved. I wrote it with my friends Scott & Nate and I’d say me and Scott did most (but not all) of the writing and melodies and Nate made the tracks & really made the song a thing at all. It was super fun choosing which songs we really wanted to put out there after all the years of writing and so it’s been super exciting.

Kendra: Another song I couldn’t get enough of was “Liar Liar.” Made me want your opinion on what you think is okay to tell a little white lie about?

Riley: I mean no one ever wants to lie, but we all do it on occasion. Haha, I would say if you’re lying to make someone feel better, that’s probably the only time you could actually justify lying. Though, I’m not a fan.

Kendra: Do you have any tour plans after Nick Carter?

Riley: I think we’re really just trying to move onto the next step. I would love to write some more and put out a few new things. I would love to go on another tour, maybe something a little larger. That could be super cool. I’m fairly open to anything!

Kendra: What about the rest of 2016, what’s going on for you with the coming months?

Riley: I’m really just figuring out where I want to go and where I want to be. I’m also super excited for a little downtime. After going from The Voice and then onto the tour, it might be nice to chill for a second. But at the same time, I’m ready to get going again.

Kendra: So what up and coming artists have been kept you company on the road in your iTunes?

Riley: I have been totally LOVING Zara Larsson. She’s so dope. I also really love the new Alex & Sierra stuff that I recently stumbled upon. My favorite band in the world, Parachute, released another album that I’ve had on repeat for the last month. Hahaha but yeah, I listen to a million different things.

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