“Hit the Switch” to ‘On’ for Alexa Ferr

In this line of work, you come across a million and one up and coming rock bands and singer-songwriters with talent, but it seems like the R&B/pop artists are either in the mainstream or hiding out. That’s not the case today. Alexa Ferr is making her presence known as she delivers her latest, hypnotic single “Hit the Switch.” How this isn’t already a hit with the kids it beyond me. It has a fresh feel, an addictive beat and great overall vocals – winner.

Canada born, but currently residing in LA, Alexa is for those who are always tuning into their local stations for the hottest music out. They have their finger on the pulse of what’s popping, and they’re going to be going wild when they discover the talent that is Alexa Ferr. Fans who like artists like Ariana Grande and Ciara will be first in line when it comes to hopping on for this girl’s ride to the top of the charts.

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