Summer Scouts Premiere “Vessels” Video

Today we’re heading out of Los Angeles and straight to Pennsylvania to introduce you to Summer Scouts. A band that finds the balance between serene indie and pop rock and settles on a sound that would find them in tune with fans who have already love to get down to the likes of All Time Low and Mayday Parade. With their latest, Furthest Reach, out in late May, they are making their presence known with captivating singles that make you wish time travel was already here. In the meantime, we have their newest video for “Vessels.”

Premiering exclusively on Chorus.FM, “Vessels,” best sums up what to expect from the rest of the record. It’s dramatic in the best way possible as they have dual vocals taking the lead, each showcasing a different side of who they are. Katherine delivering a powerful take on melody, and Ross taking over with the powerpop to really drive things home. They and the rest of the band melt into one another and with that, have a sound that makes them ones to watch this year. Make sure to check out the video for “Vessels” over at Chorus.FM and mark your calendars for Furthest Reach, out May 20.

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