#FBF: Prince All Over Los Angeles

Whether or not you were a fan of his music, you cannot deny the gift Prince was to the world. So when the news broke that he’d passed, it sent a wave of sadness out into the world – and while he didn’t call California home, Los Angeles has seen its fair share of the man over the years. Not too long ago he played affordable shows at The Forum and even the Palladium. Not to mention he did an intimate gig at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. Whether he played a show big or small, he was always a showman.

Born June 7, 1958 to a pianist and a jazz singer, music was instilled into him at a young age. Come the late 70’s he started recording demos and by the 80’s he was one of the most recognizable names, and later symbols, in music. It was also during that time he became synonymous with the color purple thanks to the movie and hit single, Purple Rain. Throughout his career he went to number one multiple times, won every award under the son including Grammys and an Oscar, and toured the world more times than one could count on two hands.

His presence in music will likely never be duplicated as he was a one of a kind artist who could only ever be imitated be it on record or on a stage. When the news broke of his passing everyone from Mariah Carey to Barack Obama had sentiments to share. Here in L.A. one of the last places he played, The Forum, shined purple lights bright to pay their respect. It will never be easy to lose a legend, and for that – all we can say is, RIP Prince, Rest in Peace.

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