Wood Lake: Hell

Weren’t we just up north in our last Out of Town Tuesday feature? I feel like we were, but nevertheless we have Wood Lake and their album that just dropped last week, Hell. Listening it over a few times, it reminded me of two very heavy hitters when it came to the 90’s. On one hand it was gritty and grunge, and on the other it was this dreamy landscape a famous bald man once created.

As the record opened, the vocals were a little bit of a miss on “Oceans” and “Still Life Collage.” Not until a more grunge sound took over in “Head In The Sand” and “Madeline” came in did you hear some promise. However, as those first couple of tracks played again and then we got into “Barrhaven,” it was clear. These ones were a little like Smashing Pumpkins. Whimsical in a rock and roll way, these tracks created a dreamlike atmosphere that was only cut up when the band decided to go a bit harder with that raw side of their style. It’s always nice to have variety on a record, but it may leave some split down the middle.

If you’re a 90’s purist when it comes to sound, then Hell is the album for you and Wood Lake is the band you’ve better have your eye on. So if that’s you, check out Hell, available now – yes, right now.

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