Zealyn Prepares for Summer Release

Evolving is half the battle when it comes to being alive, and surviving is the other half. Those who never change can’t grow as people, and the same can and will be said right now about artists. You can’t have someone release the same record 47 times in their career and then call them a success. That’s why Los Angeles’ own Zealyn knew she had to do some growing of her own. A pop artist for a few years, she’s transitioning into a more mature, experimental sound that Nylon has compared to the likes of BANKS and FKA Twigs. Now as she prepares for the release of her record, Limbic System, she’s giving us a little taste with a couple of tracks.

Earlier this month Zealyn dropped the video for “Sleep On It.” Right away you could admit Nylon was right on the nose with their comparison. She said herself on her growth as an artist, “I wanted to experiment more and create a sound of my own.” She succeeded as she worked closely with Copeland’s Aaron Marsh, on not only this track – but the album. For more, fans can check out the title track out, April 29. On that note, stay tuned from more from one of LA’s rising stars as she continues her journey from pop to a more defined sound.

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