Join Swerve in May at Their Resident Residency

Clear your Tuesdays next month because they now belong to Swerve. Blending their love of 90’s rockers like Gin Blossoms and The Replacements with a British invasion of sorts is where their sound emerged from and today they’re one of LA’s ones to watch as they continue to make their mark. With one EP already under their belt, they’ll split time between their month-long residency at Resident with putting in time on their second EP that they hope will be in fans’ hands before this calendar year is over and done with. While they have their own thing going on, this residency is an interesting one.

Dubbed the “Mixtape,” these shows will feature a different facet of Swerve’s influences. One night will focus on their Britpop ways, another will be Black Sabbath, then The Beatles and lastly, the late Bowie. This should be a treat for those who also like that genre and those artists. It’ll also be interesting to hear how they take on Sabbath in between Britpop and The Beatles. Well, to find out how it all goes down – you have to head out for this variety packed residency at the Resident throughout May. Now in the mean time, check out their latest single, “Hey Girl.”

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