The “X” Factor – Coming Up Music News and Discovery May 2016 Part I

With so many talented artists and bands reaching out to us from around the world each week it becomes increasingly harder to give each of them the respect and appreciation they deserve.  If we could write a feature story or interview on all of them, we would.

It’s worth noting that the musicians and bands that stand out the most then are not always the one’s with just the best music. Coming Up Magazine is always looking for that “X” factor as we read through and listen to the various music submissions we receive – the unique personal qualities that make an artist special. It might be their social media postings, where they are from or their personal backstory, but usually for us, in addition to their awesome music, it is about their attitude.  Coming Up is about positive attitude and energy and in our opinion, that’s what makes an ordinary artist or band, simply amazing.

Here is a sampling and short list of some the amazing people and music we discovered this week.  Check back in the days and weeks that follow because many of these artist will be featured or interviewed.

David Christopher

David Christopher

David “PunkRock” Christopher, Hailing from Los Angeles with a hard hitting fusion of crunchy guitars, head bobbing beats and catchy melodies that create a hybrid of punkrock combined with hip hop. PUNK – HOP

David is a very ambitious visionary driven by his passion for entertainment. Founder of former punk rock group “Against All Odds” at a young age David has already managed to acquire a resume that speaks for itself, including features in many television, radio and magazine publications.
Formerly of a punk/metal band signed to sullen musik/Eulita music group but is now a solo artist. David will be releasing his debut music video featuring youtube star Nicole Arbour and hip hop legend “Gangsta Boo” of 36 Mafia. This will be followed by the release of his new EP “Rise of the Underdog”.
David  calls his sound “Punk-Hop” but combines a wide selection of unique genres including punk, hip hop, and electronica.

Check out our exclusive interview with David This way >>>>>




Following the very recent arrival of their ‘Questions’, Southampton’s (UK) Circle Of Reason are now back with their latest video single titled ‘Colours’. Showcasing another metallic and emotive rock track, ‘Colours’ is an epic anthem taken from the bands forthcoming album ‘Faith Or Theory’.

For the British quartet Circle Of Reason, the path that led to the creation of their new album Faith Or Theory is one that ultimately saw them start to assess their own relationships, and try to get a handle on their place in the world. Having taken a well-earned break after the release of their 2013 record These Hands And This Mind – which also saw them share stages with the likes of Feed The Rhino, Marmozets, Neck Deep, Mallory Knox, Creeper, Allusondrugs and Fearless Vampire Killers, as well as be featured on Kerrang! TV and Scuzz – the band’s 2015 became all about putting pen to paper and getting in front of crowds, starting with a slot at Takedown Festival. A small line-up change later, and the resultant tracks are short stories that convey with great emotion just how much Circle Of Reason means to its members.

Appealing to fans of Deftones, Funeral For A Friend, Biffy Clyro, Smashing Pumpkins and Mastodon, Circle Of Reason are a band that specialise in carefully planned dynamics, gargantuan guitar riffs and all fused with melodic hooks.

Check out ‘Colours’
Available Now

itunes  pre order album download link –




The Fontaines drop New Song “Cold”

Brother and Sister  “New Wop”  duo,  The Fontaines, just released an incredible new song yesterday  called ” Cold”.

Produced by Hank Fontaine and Avi Zahner, and starring  Charlotte Fontaine, Hank Fontaine, Jason DeMayo, and Scott Zimmerman.

If, after listening to The Fontaines’  you find yourself at a loss for how to describe them, don’t worry. The brother-sister duo (Charlotte, 21, sings; Hank, 26, plays guitar) don’t want to make music that’s easy to pin down.

“We call it New-Wop,” Hank says, adding that the he really wants his music to be “swoon-worthy,” to have that indescribable sense of a song taking over your heart, a feeling he’s gotten listening to Miles Davis…and Beach House. For Charlotte, it was hearing The Drifters in grade school that made her realize what kind of sound she wanted to play with in her own music.

By Charlotte Fontaine, Hank Fontaine,
Jason DeMayo, and Scott Zimmerman

Produced by Hank Fontaine and Avi Zahner
Mixed by Jason DeMayo
Mastered by John Greenham


News: The Cherry Bluestorms to release new vinyl single “See No Evil”


The Cherry Bluestorms have a vinyl single, “See No Evil”, that will be released very soon and it is available for pre order now at They are also currently in the studio recording their third album, ” Whirligig”.

Check out this awesome band and sound Coming Up in L.A.

Introducing Fire & Water

Fire & Water

Pop r’n’b reggae rock soul reggae rock soul sunshine pop Cork

As musically authentic as you can get and with a positive vibe to match, Ireland’s Fire & Ice is one of our favorite new bands we listened to this week.

With amazing vocals and brilliant sound, Fire and Water is comprised of a young couple, Tomás McCarthy and Clódagh Kearney, whose genre-bending, multi-instrumentalist leanings have taken Cork city by storm in recent months. As individual artists and as Fire and Water, they have supported acts such as The Minutes, Jack L, Leslie Dowdall, Gavin Glass, Royseven, Gareth Dunlop, The Frank and Walters, Mick Flannery, Jerry Fish, The Stunning, Kíla and many more, in venues and theatres nationwide. In fact, their year-and-a-half long romance has seen them tour Spain and Ireland extensively, with plans to tour parts of South Africa, America and Europe in 2015.

Their debut EP, titled ‘Cocoon’, is a concept piece which chronicles the couple’s time together and their shared experiences.

This EP sees them accompanied by a 10-piece ‘Commitments’-style troop of local musicians.


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