Children of Pop: What Does 69 Mean?

After a couple of weeks focusing on our friends to the north, we’re heading back to the states and east to Houston. Not quite the artsy scene Austin, but there must be something in the water as that’s where Children of Pop resides with his take on pop with an experimental, sometimes hypnotic but almost always a trip. At least that’s what listeners can find on his sophomore release, What Does 69 Mean?

There was a lot of things going on when it came down to this record. The experimentation with pop resulted in something likened to a mad man of music would come up with. Which rightfully leads us to the lead single, “Manic.” Something one could imagine hearing coming from an underground club at 2am in the city that never sleeps, it paired perfectly with “Suits Your Lies,” which could be the backdrop to a movie scene involving scantily clad ladies just trying to earn their way through nursing school. Only it’d have this Burtonesque feel the look, trippy in a way to match the music at hand. From a gentlemen’s club to the arcade we go as we get into “No Escape,” which sounded like a video game fused with not only an industrial club, but a subdued 90’s pop song. It’s easy enough to say that no two songs are the same when it comes to this album. Whether it’s the lighthearted fun of “Painin 4 Luuuuuuv” or the haunting realizations of “Taking Over,” every turn is unique and quite the ride.

In the depths of Houston sits a man known as Children of Pop

and what he does is take the genre sitting within his moniker and removes the normalcy of it, replacing every facet with something creatively sound and unlike what you’d hear in the top 40. If you like things a little obscure, check out What Does 69 Mean, out May 6.

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