Joy Oladokun Finds “Shelter”

At 10-years-old most of us are busy running around outside, getting scraped knees and living freely, or if you’re 10 today it’s all about Snapchatting and whatnot. Nevertheless, Joy Oladokun was unlike kids then and now as she was spending her time at the age with her guitar and a pen, crafting songs about this and that. Today she’s writing about lessons learned on her debut full length, Carry, one of them being in the lead single “Shelter” which grabs you in an instant and makes you feel as if at least one person out there has your back.

Growing up most of us know our family will have our back, but when we venture out into the real world and they’re not in the next room anymore – it can be frightening to realize. Not sure where Joy was coming from when she penned “Shelter” and gave solace in her words about being that for someone else, but for me it rang true in the sense that no matter where you are, you can always be sure you’ll find that one person who makes you feel like home; safe once more. We can also look to this song as a basic need seeing as food and shelter are two most of us feel are the top necessity. With that, who fits that basic need idea in your own life? Who is your shelter?

If Joy Oladokun was able to make one think so deeply with just that one song, imagine what else can be discovered and discussed when diving into her full length debut. You can find out when you check out Carry because it’s out now and ready to be taken in.

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