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Described as “elegantly retro music” by fans who call themselves “NOldiers” NO was given their band name by Bono of U2. The famed singer met brothers Tim, Mike and Nick Jarzabek on Father’s Day at Chateau Marmont during U2’s 360 tour in 2011. The Jarzabek’s gave him a demo CD of their album Meet Me After Dark with their phone number scribbled on the disc. Bono called the brothers saying he enjoyed the music and suggested they change their name from No Cover to NO because it would “look cool on a T-shirt”.

…And that was the beginning of the totally awesome band now known as  No

Exclusive Coming Up Interview with the band NO


by Kendra Beltran

Growing up in what they describe as “hick logging town” in Idaho, the brothers that make up NO knew very well that their love of Blink 182 wasn’t going to go further than their CD players. Instead of forming a pop punk band, their bodies void of ink leaned towards the pop rock route and after a tragedy they packed up and headed out west. It paid off – from a run in with a music legend, to a Shark and more. The men of No have went places and are continuing to do so. Now let’s get to it!

Kendra: You guys had another member, but he sadly passed away. After that you guys packed up and headed from Idaho to LA. Were you motivated to make the most out of life after losing a friend so young?

No: There is a tremendous amount of motivation in any big city. When our guitar player died it just added to our motivation to stay sober. I think it had a positive effect on our songwriting too. His death added more emotion and depth to our songwriting process.

Kendra: Now, did you have the band name before or after the move because you got it from Bono from a little band…uh, U2. Is that a go-to factoid you like to toss around when you go out?

No: One of the great perks of living in Los Angeles is having the opportunity to shamelessly promote yourself. Just a big shameless amount of let-down self promotional disappointments. It’s a good pitch in the business sense. I don’t think it’s ever gotten us a free drink though.

Kendra: Your fans have been so great, but who declared them as “NOldiers,” you or them?

No: Our fans started calling themselves NOldiers. We think it’s cool. The music industry is kinda like a battle and we have a good army.

Kendra: Being that the band consists of a trio of brothers, how often do you fight about things that aren’t music related at all?

No: We’re fighting right now actually. Nick flew to Japan last week and didn’t tell anyone. He just sent Mike and I a picture of himself at The Beatles inspired “Lennon Bar” in Kyoto.

Kendra: Fighting aside, you got a big break when Marc Cuban played your music on AXS TV. We all know him now thanks to Shark Tank. With that, what’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen on an infomercial?

No: Adam Levine for Pro Active. He has no acne and he’s like 40.

Kendra: If you had to make an infomercial for your album Meet Me in the Dark, what actor would you love to star in it and why? Who would capture the record’s sound and message best?

No: Close up of Jack Nicholson just staring into the camera and slowly rotating in a circle for three minutes. The message is to show that a solid, talented and honest foundation (Jack) keeps the world spinning like a record playing your favorite new song…Meet Me After Dark.

Kendra: Other than that record, you all scored a movie? What did you want to capture in The Mooring when it came to the music?

Mike: I wanted to capture suspense and terror. Basically I’d watch each scene and start writing to it. I had Tim do the same thing for the opening scene with the drums.

Kendra: What else are you guys doing this year?

No: Hanging out with Kelly Mitchell at Horse Antler Ranch Studios, chopping firewood and recording music. Also seeing Guns N’ Roses in concert and reading Coming Up Magazine.

Kendra: Being in LA, there are a ton of bands out here trying to catch their big break, but which three are really standing out to you right now?

No: Karin Lorene, Karina Pasina, and Jayk Gallagher. They write music you can tap your foot to. We like that.

Check out this I’m There music video. It’s one of our favorites.



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