Nello Luchi – New Flavor of Hip Hop

Introducing one of the freshest new independent Hip Hop artist Coming Up  –  Nello Luchi — a female rapper from New York — who released her new song “Welcome”.

In a world where female emcees are more notorious for their asses than their assets, Nello Luchi represents something new for those who crave a more original and dynamic flavor of Hip Hop. Her music serves an assortment of true lyricism coined by past 80’s and 90’s veteran emcees. She has an innovative and diverse sound of revolutionary New York City Hip Hop, viewed from her window of creativity and inspiration, developed by living the life of an up and coming struggling emcee.

Nello is the real meaning of an artist, painting pictures of how she sees the game and the role she plays in changing it up a bit. Her mission is to introduce the audience to a ground-breaking blend mixed with soulful/alternative vibes and a fresh take on the rap game. Nello Luchi will convert even the most dedicated non-believers into a faithful enthusiast after first whiff of her unending originality and quirky sense of flavor. Her sound will leave listeners of all kinds wanting more than what the everyday “kick” has to offer.

About “Welcome”
“Bedford-Stuyvesant, commonly referred to as Bed-Stuy, becomes the backdrop to Nello Luchi’s new single entitled “Welcome” off her upcoming EP of the same name. The track gives listeners a glimpse into the infamous Brooklyn neighborhood during the late 80s-early 90s. Spending her early years in the Lafayette Gardens housing complex, Nello goes on to mention one of Brooklyn’s most notorious residents Kelvin ’50 Cent’ Martin. Whose moniker would later be used by a future hip-hop heavyweight from Queens.

Produced by Phoenix Says of The Soundkillers, the song begins with a very eerie intro Nello harmonizes over. Nello then opens up her lyrical onslaught with a dope word play around her family’s surname. We also find out out that her Uncle was very notorious around the neighborhood for his “knuckle” game.

The song literally feels like cinematic score of that era. The production feels as it is telling it’s own story as the beat seems like its going through “mood” changes. Nello & Phoenix continue to develop this very original sound that is all theirs. We look forward to hearing what’s next as they continue to “Welcome” us into their musical world.”

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