Anna Schulze : From Minnesota to USC to Your Ears

Some 15 years ago Anna Schulze first picked up a guitar. That encounter not only started her down a musical path, but it led her to where she is today. A Minnesota native, she headed out west for music – but not in the way you’d think.

While most make their way to Los Angeles to chase dreams that have no real plan of action, Anna had a clear idea of what she was going to do. Studying popular music in USC, she managed to work with Grammy winners and churn out a couple of EPs along the way. Her voice sits somewhere between someone on a pop chart, and that of alt-rocker Liz Phair. That blend of this and that comes together in a way that makes fans on both sides of the spectrum happy.

One listen to “Closer” makes you hear that 90’s alternative scene. It’s lively but with this singer-songwriter you can hear a variety pack when it comes to her music. “Out Here” showcased the coffee shop ways of her ways and “L.A. Let Me Go” shows off the amount of heart she puts forth into her music. If you’re in Los Angeles this weekend, make sure to check her out at Hotel Cafe on Sunday, May 15. In the meantime make sure to get more of Anna Schulze at her site.

Tickets for Anna Schulze’s Hotel Cafe show can be purchased here.

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