Your Trip Begins Now – Enter The Froot ’67 – New EP Release

We are totally blown away by this band, The Froot 67 – where did they come from and how can they sound this good and be this fresh?

The Froot ’67 were formed in late 2013 by rhythm guitarist Louie Donoghue and bassist Stevie Newby. Later accompanied by the likes of Mr Penrose (Lead Guitar) and Newton (Drums), and played many a folks tune. They soon thought ‘ah we can write a tune too’, and that they did, 6 in fact, all here to listen to with your ears.

The Froot ’67 are a band who’s influences are unashamedly cemented in late 60′s prog rock (the clue is in the name!) despite the fact they’re barely out of school. That’s right, this serious looking bunch of hairy hippies are still teenagers.. which for us makes this even more cool. The Froot ’67 play the late sixties-style psychedelic and progressive rock. Influenced by the greats such as The Doors, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd (and of course The Beatles), The Froot ’67 vow to take you to a time that seems almost extinct in today’s society; to a time that music is a way of life.


Much like their music, the band themselves are mature, well educated and seriously focused. When asked about the single lead singer and guitarist Louie Donaghue said “I Don’t Wanna Stay’ is the issue of not being able to live up to the way that today’s society expects; that being our generation, not just ourselves. Our youth, is profoundly unable to break past the barrier, the life plan that they are ‘expected’ to fulfil. We choose our own fate, our own fortunes: and this is the way the world was intended. We wouldn’t want to stay in a world that intended otherwise.” So go ahead, turn on, tune in, and trip out!!

Stream the awesome new EP from championship calibre classic rockers, Froot ’67. Hull’s finest have unleashed a beast here. Behold, ‘Your Trip Begins Now’. Released May 13 via Warren Records.

Catch the band live in May:
May 1st- Yoyo Festival 2:30pm
May 28th- Adelphi with Audio Subscene
May 29th – Headline Cottingham Springboard at The Duke Of Cumberland

THE FROOT ‘67 are: Louie Donaghue (Vocals/Guitar), Stevie Newby (Vocals/Bass), Zach Penrose (Guitar) & Jack Newton (Drums). |

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