The Hip Hop Show: Destruct

Like most of the hip hop people in my rolodex, they came from a job I hated but a concept I loved. Working with creative people is a dream, and over the years my love of music has shifted from the sounds musicians make on stage, to rather the stories they recount off them. Reading and listening to what made an artist want to write, perform, be who they are – that is a thrill that has never not made blogging about them a bore. Take Destruct for example. Never in a million years would I have guessed where his influence to get into hip hop came from, or that he used to perform freestyle rhymes set to his family clapping along to Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Never. Alas, you learn something new from each artist you encounter and that makes this job a never ending treasure hunt.

Destruct started out with a more than unique introduction to hip hop, but since has evolved into a well respected emcee here in Los Angeles. He’ll explain later how his way with words has changed, but he notes that life experiences overall is what’s evolved him as a lyricist. Soon you’ll read and hear what he said about the story of his life one day on the big screen and more, but note that the rest of this year he has big plans on the table. From his directorial debut with Gavlyn to his first time executive producing an artist outside of his realm. Plus, he’s got more to come from his radio show, Tha Format Show, as well as dropping Chronic Blues Volume 2. Now more from the man of the hour, Destruct.

Kendra: When did your love of hip hop begin?

Destruct: My love for hip hop began when I was five or six-years-old, and there old cartoon called Rugrats commercial on Nickelodeon with Kris Kross. I’d never heard that style of music blended with a show I watched. That commercial really spoke to me and out of nowhere I started freestyling.

Kendra: Looking back – how did your initial rhymes compare to what you write now?

Destruct: What i think changed the most with my writing style from then and now was it that was premeditated back in the day. I would do like a straight Jay Z approach, and have a planned out freestyle. I remember when I was going to Santa Monica College it took me three buses and a Red Line to get there, and a long walk home. So that whole journey gave me a lot of time to think. Out of nowhere, I’d memorize what I’d been saying. Definitely one thing that’s changed is my premeditation. Now i’m strictly back to basics, pen to the pad. back then i’d just freestyle but now definitely is following where the music goes.

Kendra: You do a lot of things outside of performing like hosting and whatnot. What got you into that side of the business?

Destruct: My journey as an artist I’ve had opportunities to capitalize on and showcase more than just my abilities as a musician from me hosting live shows to now, my radio show. It’s something I never thought I’d do, but I feel like a really have a knack for it. I’m a people person, and at the end of the day I’m a fan too. So it just made sense, and went hand in hand.

Kendra: With the success of Straight Outta Compton, there are other hip hop biopics on the way. If they were to make a movie of your life one day – what scene would audiences love most and who would play you?


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