#FBF: Ticketmaster

Okay, so this isn’t particular to Los Angeles but it’s music related nonetheless – so we’re going with it. The site still exists and is the cream of the crop when it comes to purchasing tickets to everything from concerts to sporting events to Cirque du Soleil. However, do you remember when you could walk into a place and actually buy your tickets in person and have them in your hands right away? Young readers, I know this sounds insane and you’re probably thinking, “…but there’s an app for that…” Yes, there is an app – but the treasure that is a physical ticket, no app can ever replace that. Their little mementos of where you’ve been, who’ve you seen, what you’ve done. Often times, I don’t even remember I went to a particular show until I see the ticket. It’s then that all the memories come flooding back to me. Nowadays though, the world of freaking apps.

The first Ticketmaster location I remember using, because I didn’t grow up in an actual city, was at a record store about 40 minutes from home. It used to be extremely hard to get tickets to things like Weenie Roast and Almost Acoustic Christmas felt more like a feat then. Going to the store, waiting in line, the anticipation as the cashier took orders one after the other at lightning speed…most of the time. Nowadays that’s all gone. The wait is still there when a popular show goes on sale and the site can’t handle everyone. That’s always a pain, but there’s something about being there in person that’s a little more reassuring.

So this one’s for you Ticketmaster outlets, may you live on in our memories like house phones and dial-up internet. Things the kids today will only ever hear campfire tales about. How did you buy your first concert ticket? Let us know in the comment and we’ll pick the best ones to tweet this week!

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