Hip Hop Collective, DUBSEE drop new Music Video, “Slugs”

Check out this dope new music video, the latest project from Winners Circle AKA DUBSEE, released today May 20, titled Slugs.

Winner Circle

The DUB stands for the W in Winner and SEE stands for “we see it all”…it stands for circle. DUBSEE is a hip hop music collective all operating under their education and production group Winner Circle Ent. DUBSEE are natural seekers of knowledge and therefor givers of it as well. This is the natural order since the ancient times that influence the collective. DUBSEE is simply unique in design though sonically they have many influences stemming from Wu Tang Clan, The Clipse, and Outkast to name a few other powerful groups. With six working pieces DUBSEE forms up to create a single powerful ‘gold and black’ hip hop entity, spreading knowledge of self and universe wherever it goes.

Coming Up Magazine is really diggin on DUBSEE not only for this really great music video and track but also because of the positive creative energy and vibe we are feeling when listening to their music and to their lyrics.

Winner Circle is for sure on the Come Up.

Check out this video.


Directed by Tom Leary & eTTo.

About eETTO

eTTo, Mr. Alien, Jack of all trades. Being a lover of music he delves in all types of hip-hop as a rapper and listener. He also taps into rock music stemming from a love of 90’s grunge and ska. eTTo’s raspy voice and unorthodox flow allow him to stand out even with him being a lyrical chameleon. eTTo also produces and engineers for his collective, Winner’s Circle (DUBSEE).
Follow DUBSEE @Dubsee29.
In order of appearance: eTTo @eTToLovesDreams, Laj9 @9_laj, #SammDeazWhereTheDopeAt @SammDeaz, AXM @alexamilesMusic, Kris G, DeLa_ @DeLaDUBSEE. Featuring vocals from the homies DRMRL @DRMRLBOYS. Special thanks to everyone involved. Namaste!
Winners Circle Publishing 2016.



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