Lexi Baker Takes Us Back to the 90’s with “Model T”

Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein talks a lot about nostalgia music can bring into your life and that it’s not always the music itself that makes us feel good, but the memories associated in her memoir Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl. She’s right. Thinking back, I often remember waiting in lines and meeting people more than the concerts I attended throughout college, so that came to mind when LA’s Lexi Baker’sModel T” started to play. It instantly reminded me of being a kid in the mid-90’s because they just don’t make electro-pop like they used to, right?

When “Model T” starts out, I instantly could hear it being played on my school ride home on the bus in elementary school right in between Savage Garden and “Groove is in the Heart.” It had this 90’s feel to it, but as it played on, it got more modern in terms of style and grace. So while it was a kick in the nostalgic gut, it had enough to it to stand alongside what’s going on today in the electronic scene as well. Now today, you’re only musical based priority is to listen and love Lexi Baker’s “Model T.”

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