Portland’s Logan Lynn Prepares for the Release of ‘ADIEU’

The stars aligned this weekend when I got the chance to head to Portland for the first time and yes, it’s as beautiful as one would expect the wet Northwest to be. What I didn’t expect though was the insanely nice people. Coming from a city where “good mornings” and smiles are far and in between, it was odd to feel so welcomed by a city where I was a mere tourist. That’s why I wanted to find an artist today that called Portland home, it was a way to pay it forward…back? Nevertheless, who I found was a man who was doing far more than being a nice Portlandian (is that what they call themselves?). Logan Lynn is likely a doll since he’s from the city of bridges, but he’s also a man who’s seen the lowest of lows and has suffered greatly, and is now shining a light on the his struggle with mental illness as well as his own recovery from an almost two-decade addiction on his September release, ADIEU.

On this record fans can find Lynn stepping away from his electronic norms and edging more towards a rock pop vibe. While a change of pace, it’s still a record that will speak volumes for the content brought to the table. Mental illness is still something, that while more in the mainstream now, is still something we as a society are still learning a great deal about. Especially when it comes to understanding what it can cause someone living with it to do. All situations are different and Lynn is telling his side of it through song on ADIEU. He’ll also delivery melodies and arrangements about his recovery process from a cocaine addiction that almost ended his time on earth eight years ago.

Fans can get ADIEU when it drops September 23, and in the meantime can check out his Keep Oregon Well campaign which stands to put an end to the stigma put on mental illness through the creative arts.

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