Abby Litman: Seasons

When Abby Litman dropped Seasons back in April, Los Angeles was a little colder and gray but now summer is upon us. So listening to her melancholy, yet hopeful voice now will take you back to when you needed a sweater rather than flip flops. Seven songs deep, this EP captures who this singer-songwriter is as an album; someone who may appear young, but has an old soul in terms of execution and delivery.

The title track introduces us to the record and you can hear right away her voice is a captivating one. It’s like that of a person you meet traveling who has been through something that could very well change a life with a simple story. In “The Girl I Used To Be” the simple opening harkens back to the 70’s a bit, which will garner her the attention of people who find themselves wanting a modern day Fleetwood Mac. That spirit continues on with “We Fell Apart,” while the tides turn in “The Girl Who Was Gone With The Wind” as the tempo is sped up just a bit compared to the rest that came before it, adding something new to the mix.

Seasons came at a time where it matched the weather and for those looking to escape the heat, sit inside with a nice glass of lemonade and pop in Abby Litman’s latest to be swept into a comfy mood.


Publishers Note:  I just received a copy of Abby’s CD in the mail and I must say I was totally impressed and stoked. It came with a full color illustration book of poetry written by Abby. Abby is so talented and amazing. Her poetry and lyrics are profound yet simple and reminded me of my earlier days writing poetry and prose.  You should get your hands on both copies of her music and her book for sure!



Check it out!

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