Catch Adia Victoria Tonight at The Resident

Not too long ago we introduced you to a man from Long Beach by the name of Kwesi Foraes. His voice was like that of an old soul captured in the streets of New Orleans, well today we’ve found his spiritual twin in Adia Victoria. Only she comes from the backwoods of the bayou. Her voice carrying like that of someone singing from the depths of a swamp. As heard in her latest single, “Howlin’ Shame,” her sound is eerie but at the same time inviting and there’s more where that came from on her May 13 release, Beyond the Bloodhounds.

Definitely one of this year’s ones one to watch, Adia is a powerhouse through and through, whether you’re listening to her in the comfort of your own home, or heading out to see her tear it up on stage. She’s a dynamic talent who takes things to a new level. On the road for a few weeks now, she’ll touch down in LA tonight after playing San Diego just a couple of days ago, and after she takes over The Resident, she’ll head north, and then head back east to wind down in North Carolina at the end of the month.

Too see Adia Victoria tonight at The Resident, click here.

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