Dan Blakeslee – Ode to the Guitar Playin’ Travelling Man

DanBlakesleeDan Blakeslee is a singer-songwriter and artist from South Berwick, ME. He’s the kind of guy that will initially have you scratching your head wondering what he’s about until he strums  his first chord on his octopus gilded guitar.

He tells tall and short tales that are colorful and funny, sincere and as authentic to American folk music as apple pie and Johnny Cash. In fact, if you catch one of his shows he might tell of a time in Nashville playing to an audience in the very home of old Johnny.

Dan, it could be said would make a trip to Wal Mart sound interesting if you let him. He speaks with sort of Southern twang and his eyes sparkle as he smiles at you from the stage.  He wears old western boots and jeans with a handkerchief hanging out of his back pocket, paired with a western shirt and usually a hat that would be a mis-match on any other performer.

Everything Dan Blakeslee does he does with an energy that reminds you to laugh and to love music and life on the road. The kind of music that you might expect to hear while camped in Barstow with a broken down Buick or sitting on a rock somewhere in Joshua Tree or the Grand Canyon.

Many of his songs have that boot tapping rhythm you would hear years ago while listening to an old fiddle and makeshift guitar band  on a porch somewhere in Texas or the Smokey Mountains.

Yes, for me, Dan Blakeslee is the ultimate musical hero. He is not about making it big or becoming a star but rather about playing to a crowd of young hearted listeners who recall a simpler time when music was about lost loves, wild horses and fighting for the things we want or think we need. He has a beautiful voice that pushes and pulls  higher at times and draws backwards as he accentuates a point or note.

Dan released his 5th Album, Owed To The Tanglin Wind a few moons back. Listen to one of his excellent songs called My Lightening Valentino

Dan Blakeslee – acoustic guitar, vocals, drums

Jeff Prystowsky – upright bass, percussion, backing vocals

Ben Knox Miller – organ, trumpet, saw, backing vocals

Jonah Tolchin – electric guitar, backing vocals

Joseph Arnold – fiddle

Jenee Halstead – backing vocals

Joel Thibodeau – percussion, backing vocals

Ian Fitzgerald, Joe Fletcher, Shawn Schilberg – gang vocals


Engineered by :

Ben Knox Miller and Jeffrey Prystowsky

At The Columbus Theatre – Providence, RI


Mastered by:

Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella

At New Alliance East – Cambridge, MA





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