Get Your Dosage of Weathers’ “Happy Pills”

Over a decade ago Jamie Bell starred in the coming-of-age, inside look inside at the prescription generation Chumbscrubber, and as soon as Weathers’ “Happy Pills” started – scenes of that movie started to come to mind instantly. Feeling down and downing pills has become the norm and what that movie really dealt with is the screen it puts between people and reality. You can pop a pill, but at the end of the day – the problem is still there. Weathers latest single explores the idea of dealing with things like a horrid girlfriend, and a pill making it all seem better. So it seems like this song would’ve fit in just fine in this 2005 flick.

Content aside, the music is like that of a band you’d expect to hear on any Pandora station playing your favorite alternative indie hits. It’s got a pop hook in the chorus that’s surrounded by confident verses that each act as pillars; holding up each note in constant formation. Something about the whole package though took me back to one of my favorite shows when I saw Lido at the Key Club in LA long before it was a late night hot spot for celebrities and TMZ cameras. Perhaps because it has this playful feel attached to it.

“Happy Pills” follows “I Don’t Wanna Know” in terms of releases, and those interested in hearing both of those and more can check out Weathers with Coin in Pennsylvania this month, and with Nothing But Thieves in July for one show, as well as in August for a few more.

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