The Hip Hop Shop: RabittTunes

This month I kept it a little closer to home in terms of finding an emcee and am glad that I did. RabittTunes is from the Van Nuys area and he’s making the valley proud with his rhymes and now give him a second of your time to learn a little something, something about this skilled artist.

Kendra: What has been going on with you musically in the past months, and what’s coming up this summer for you?

RabittTunes: I’ve been actually been doing a lot of behind the scene stuff lately. Things like recording and mixing vocals for other hip hop artists , photography, etc. I think it helps with creativity and diversity. As far as this summer , I’m finishing up my new album “Y.O.T.R ” so i plan on releasing a few videos for it so look out for that.

Kendra: Coming from Van Nuys, do you feel you grew up with enough of a music scene, or would you say you had to seek out other emcees in the area?

RabittTunes: Not really because Downtown L.A , Hollywood , LBC etc. are so close , so i was still really influenced by all of those scenes. And don’t forget that Nirvana recorded the Nevermind album in Van Nuys so we have some music history here too.

Kendra: You got engaged this year. Has that had any sort of affect on your writing?

RabittTunes: Nope! Not at all , actually i have more time to write now so I’m happy.

Kendra: In a political year, do you feel that hip hop artists have as much influence over who takes the win over artists from other genres?

RabittTunes: Well it could have more of an affect but hip hop doesn’t care about the issues that we face as a country, at least not the new generation of hip hop. Unfortunately , most hip hop artists care more about money and getting paid , than they do about helping the people of this country and the world to be honest. But hey , get money right?

Kendra: Lastly, if you could lend one of your tracks to your presidential pick – which song would you pick and why?

RabittTunes: Oh that’s an easy one. “You Don’t Own Me” off the Welcome To My Hell album, for Bernie Sanders . Basically self explanatory , but the reason is because he’s not bought and owned by the establishment like Hillary Clinton. #FeelTheBern

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