“Break Down the Walls” with Vara

Vara has been number one twice now on the Billboard charts thanks to his ability to produce and mix with the best of them. Now he’s looking to score his third with his new single, “Break Down the Walls.” It’s got that new pop smell, the kind that comes wrapped in electronic elements and darker undertones. It’s like if Lorde and Justin Timberlake mated and had a musical wonder kid.


The song has this great set up. The intro and the verses follow this beat that makes you want to bounce along. It’s rare that they verses outweigh the choruses in any sort of pop song, but that’s the case here. The choruses, in my opinion didn’t take you to another level like they usually do. With pop, the chorus is the main course and here, it’s more like an appetizer, with us munching on each and every morsel of the verses every chance we get. A good song though if you’re a fan of mainstream pop music that’s currently making its way onto the airwaves. “Break Down the Walls” fits in nicely with the crowd, but doesn’t stand out like a beacon of any sort.


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