Singer Christian O Offers a Little Bit of Everything


The title of Christian O’s debut EP A Little Bit of Everything says a whole lot in just five words. Following many years traveling across the globe experiencing everything the world has to offer, he emerged last fall with an EP representing the sounds he grew up on — Pop, R&B, House and Rock.

Despite being a newcomer to the music scene, Christian O has already accomplished more than many aspiring artists ever hope to achieve. In less than a year, he’s amassed an impressive following on social media and released several music videos, with a few more on the way in the coming weeks.

Coming Up Magazine talked to Christian O about his time traveling the world, his creative process and the importance of making an awesome music video.

Where do you attribute your work ethic from? Have you ever struggled to find passion toward creating new music?

My love of music. I can’t get enough of the studio and I spend a lot of time there. Aside from the occasional writer’s block, no. I hope I never experience that…music is my sanity.

You also put a lot of emphasis on your music videos. How involved are you in the creative process of the music videos?

Very involved! The skeleton of my videos start with me, and the directors build on it. It’s a collaborative effort for sure. I believe in the power of the music video since we live in a very visually driven culture. People want music videos! As a consumer, I know I still do.

You also have a few upcoming videos on track to be released soon. Can you give us a little sneak peak?

“Wild Kids” is a crazy adventure among four friends and it’ll be out soon but I don’t want to spoil it! After that, I think we’re jumping into a video for “We Got Tonight.” The cover art is a big clue about what you can expect from that one…

Was there ever a moment in your life when you considered leaving music? 


What countries stood out to you during your travels and why?

Travel provides a type of education you can’t learn in school or from reading, it’s invaluable. Switzerland is my favorite since I enjoyed the architecture and culture. Thailand is probably my runner-up. There’s a sense of freedom there that’s indescribable.

Do you have any particularly stories you want to share about your travels?

Getting lost in the jungle for days in Thailand, having a pet monkey in Bali, skinny dipping in Ibiza… I have too many stories…

Your biography also mentions that you are a poet. Was poetry something you found before you got into music? 

I’ve been singing since childhood and writing poetry all my life. They’ve always coexisted.

Take me through the creative process of a song–from the conception of an idea to the actual recording of the song.

The creative process for each song is always different. One song can start with one of my poems while another song might be inspired by a dope beat my producer, John Ho, creates. It really depends to be completely honest.

How do you overcome doubt and push forward?

Whenever we doubt ourselves, we’re kind of at a low point but we all have those moments and it’s important to learn from everything. I try to build upon my insecurities, and let them bring out the best in me.

I noticed that you are a native of New York City. What are your favorite parts about NYC and Los Angeles?

When it comes to New York City I’d say the energy but I have to admit I love LA for the weather! This is the ideal place for me since I’m such a beach bum.

You can check out Christian O’s music and find links to his social media through his website (

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