Songwriter, Troubadour Scott Low will take you to new American Highs


Georgia songwriter Scott Low’s released his new album The New Vintage  June 17, 2016 on 10 Foot Woody Records. Low’s smokey vocals spin stories that are backed with country licks and rhythms reminiscent of the golden era of country, fitting The New Vintage theme that his songwriting career has become known for.

The 10-song album was tracked in Tiger, GA by Leslie Watts and then mixed and mastered at the Jam Room Studio in Columbia, SC.

Scott Low hits the road starting June 16 for his album release tour with his hometown release show on June 25th, 2016 at Hendershots during this year’s ATHFest 2016 in Athens, GA.

If you like good homegrown Americana music that’s upbeat at times, mellow occasionally,  and perfect for drinking and thinking, check out Scott Low.




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