Blackmore Feed the Frenzy with “72”

We’ve done a lot of indie artists and singer-songwriters around here, but today we’re switching gears and focusing on the hardest rock out there – metal. Rummaging through a mountain of emails about this and that, I came across one with Blackmore. It featured their new video for “72” and right away I was like, yes – this is something the Coming Up readers need in their lives. A group out of LA made up of worldly figures from various backgrounds such as Greek and Armenian, these men are like the brothers of System of a Down, only with less rocktastic spasms and a more calm and collected delivery.

You can find “72” on their upcoming release Neo, out this July. However, Blackmore has been sharing with their fans for about a year now. They’ve dropped a new track every month since last summer on their Soundcloud. While they’ve given fans a huge taste of what’s to come, most will want to go old school and have the physical in hand once it drops. Also note that you can hear these songs as well as the pulsating “72” tomorrow night when Blackmore plays the infamous Viper Room on the Sunset Strip. Make sure to head out and check them out, and also keep tabs on them to be one of the first to get their hands on Neo next month.

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