Venue Spotlight: The Viper Room

When you think of the LA music scene painted in pop culture that is all about exclusivity, beautiful people and rock and roll – The Viper Room is as close as you get in reality. Right on the Sunset Strip, not too far from The Whiskey and The Roxy, The Viper Room is Hollywood. You enter on the side out back, and emerge in the front when the music is through. Separated into a couple of rooms, the main is as intimate as the other. Young, attractive women in Viper Room tees walk around taking drink orders as people conversate with one another whether or not a band is on or off the stage. It’s a place to socialize as much as it is to take in music both new and old. It’s Hollywood baby.

Contact Info:

Address: 8852 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone Number: (310) 358-1881
Website: The Viper Room

A Favorite Viper Room Memory:


This place is strict as heck about their 21-plus policy, so when I was a mere college noob – going there was NOT going to happen. We even called and pleaded with them, and it was a no go. The band was Jack’s Mannequin and if you’re unaware of how breathtaking and pivotal their debut Everything in Transit is, please take a moment to listen to it today and then thank us for the recommendation. During my first years in college, this album was one of the most defining. A sound that screamed California ease, but also touched on every emotion from grief to hope. All we wanted was to go and see Jack’s play, but sadly we couldn’t because we hadn’t been born early enough to make that 21-year-old mark.

Luckily Jack’s Mannequin came back some years later to The Viper Room and we finally got our show there. Unfortunately it was when they’d released new material and if I’m being honest, anything after Everything in Transit wasn’t as meaningful to me, so I stood in the audience waiting for the songs that mattered to me while graciously smiling through the rest. All the while thinking, if only they weren’t 21-plus only, or if only I was 21 back then…Other than that Jack’s show though, I haven’t been to many other shows there. Local ones mostly here and there, but never anything that would stick out in a lineup of memories.

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