Vince Grant – Sweet Addiction

By Sean Stroh

As the country faces an ever-widening opioid epidemic, singer-songwriter Vince Grant has released a new video, Sweet Addiction, an affecting musical account of his personal struggle with addiction.  The song is the latest from his critically acclaimed EP entitled, My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me, which the Huffington Post featured stating, “To say that this EP is promising, good, or great would be a disservice”.

For a brief moment, Vince Grant’s debut EP My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me appeared it would never be heard.

Though the singer-songwriter had completed recording and approved the EP’s artwork, he began having second thoughts.

“I was literally one mouse click away from finalizing the order and starting the manufacturing process when I had a complete crisis of confidence,” Grant recalled. “Some of my friends had been commenting that the songs were pretty dark and others thought I was being heavy handed with the messages, especially with the album title.”

The doubts over how people would perceive his first step onto the music scene raced through his mind.


Perhaps the EP title was a little too much…maybe the music videos needed more editing…how could anyone understand what he had been through?

Despite being seized with personal doubt, he reached out to James Moore of Independent Music Promotions, the one person he could trust with advice. His words of encouragement, specifically toward releasing the completed music without making any additional changes, provided a much needed boost for Grant’s morale.

“I placed the order the next day,” he said. “I’ve never looked back or regretted the decision because it’s the truth and the truth always feels right.”

Instead of alienating listeners, the honesty of Grant’s music concerning his lifelong bout with depression and drug addiction caused a flood of countless expressions of gratitude from strangers across the world.

“It’s difficult to put into words what the experience is like of having people you don’t know share something so personal, and often times painful, with you. It’s very intense,” Grant said. “Due to the level of openness and honesty, there is a deep sense of human connection that’s awe inspiring, almost as if the sharing is taking place in a different realm outside the normal discourse of human interaction.”


Though the overwhelming support from fans was a godsend for Grant, he remains certain that music, perhaps life itself, wouldn’t have been possible without the support from his family.

After all, they were there through it all.

The excessive drinking. The long, lonely nights trying to score drugs and get high. The isolating bouts of depression and lack of self worth.

In the midst of an uncontrollably chaotic mindset, he eventually came to realize their true value– they were his guiding light.

“I’m in constant contact with them. They are incredible, loving, accepting people and never gave up on me during my darkest times,” Grant said. “I’m so grateful for my family.”

One year after the release of his debut recording, the once impossibly dim outlook Grant maintained is shining much brighter.

Plans for a second studio release are currently in the works and he hopes to begin performing live shows on a regular basis.

While Grant says his depression continues being treated, he emphasizes the importance of never being afraid to acknowledge one’s own flaws, especially when it comes to mental health.

“I think the most important thing is to not go it alone. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to ask for help. Reaching out to others, whether it be friends, family, a support group, whomever,” he said. “Trying to navigate the labyrinth of depression alone is a dangerous proposition. If money is an issue, there are many free mental health services available. I’m currently in therapy again and it’s been extremely helpful. I should have gone back sooner.”

You can check out Vince Grant’s music and find links to his social media through his website (


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