Ranch Ghost: Lookin


Taking a trip from last week’s time in Portland with Logan Lynn, we’re heading east to Nashville this week to listen to Ranch Ghost’s new record Lookin. Sounding like something a person who loves both Coachella and Stagecoach would fall in love with, the genres are bent here with an eccentric display.

“Black Caboose” is where we begin and it was an interesting start. A little lo-fi, it was as if you were being transported to a show in the heart of Silver Lake at some place like The Satellite or Echo. As that one ended and we got into the journey that was “Nahla” and the sass of “Grow Hair /Grow Teeth,” you started to get a sense of who Ranch Ghost was as a whole. After the energetic wiles of “Ragged Mile” you can settle into the 50’s meets country ways of “Bleu,” which my grandma would appreciate as it’s the tale of a cat – which she had one by the same name.

When you think of Nashville, you automatically hear country and twang and while those elements are buried in the base of who Ranch Ghost is – they have multiple layers to their sound and deliver them all on their latest record, Lookin. You can hear them all when it drops this week, so make a note.


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