Lauren Waller Talks Latest Single, Dreams and More


Right now Lauren Waller is a college student doubling as a singer-songwriter whose music is as versatile as a pocket knife. With summer being well in effect, she was nice enough to take a break from her music-filled days and talk to Coming Up about dreaming in Los Angeles, the possibility of packing up and leaving, Broadway, taking the blame and so much more.

Kendra: Right now I’m reading Shonda Rhimes’ book and in it she says dreamers need to stop and should just be doers instead. With that, are you more a dreamer or a doer

Lauren Waller: I think I would be wrong to say dreamers “need to stop.” I would have to say I’m perfectly content being a dreamer AND a doer. With something like music, I think you need to dream a little to make something happen.

Kendra: Well you’re in the land of many dreamers, Los Angeles. With the rents increasing what seems like all the time – have you ever thought of heading somewhere else with your music?

Lauren: Since I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life, I have considered moving somewhere else somewhere down the line. As of right now, I’m perfectly happy staying in LA and finishing my college degree, but if I were to ever move my heart would be set on New York. Granted…the rent won’t be much cheaper!

Kendra: You get compared to Sara Bareilles a lot, and in the past year she did the music for a Broadway show. Is that something you’ve ever done or thought of doing?

Lauren: That is something that I have never done, but would be an incredible experience. I’m actually a Theatre Major so musical theatre is not foreign territory for me.

Kendra: For fun, what kind of play would you want to score – what would the story be?

Lauren: One of my favorite musicals is Bare. The story is so moving and the music in it seems so genuine. It would be really cool to score a story like that. It’s definitely a heavy show to watch, but I think it really resonates with people and gets you thinking. A story that people connects with people is such an important thing in music, in writing, and in storytelling.

Kendra: While we can’t hear you on Broadway…yet, we can hear your latest single “Blame.” Can you tell us more about that song, how it came about and what was happening in your own life when you penned it?


Lauren: I wrote “Blame” during a very transitional time in my life. I felt like I was being pushed into a box and that I had to stay the same in order to please certain people, but I had this moment of realization that I couldn’t pretend to be someone I’m not just to make other people happy. I was afraid for a long time to grow as a person because I thought I was going to lose people in my life who were important to me, but it was more important to learn to love myself and be okay with the person I was growing into.

Kendra: When you were younger, did you ever blame anyone else when things went wrong, something broke, anything like that? Or were you always one to admit your wrongs?

Lauren: I have an older brother; I blamed him for everything. It’s a formal rite of passage for younger siblings.

Kendra: Everyone from fans of Paramore to the late, great Amy Winehouse can enjoy your music. What do you think attributes to your music’s versatility?

Lauren: I think my music is versatile because as a new artist, I’ve tried to avoid getting locked into one genre. Of course, I’m working on a more cohesive sound, but it’s been nice getting to play with different sounds and being open to that. My iPod has always had every genre you could ever imagine on it, so many different artists and sounds have influenced me.

Kendra: Do you have any local shows coming up soon?

Lauren: As of right now, I’ve just been busy working on new material and trying to finish up a few more songs before committing to any local shows!

Kendra: What about the rest of 2016, what are you up to musically?

Lauren: I’ve been trying to write as much as possible and hopefully I’ll be in the studio to record new music! I’m looking to release another EP with what I’ve been working on.

Kendra: There are so many great singer-songwriters in LA. Who are some of your favorite up and comers?

Lauren: I was actually at The Satellite a few weeks ago and this band Oyls was playing, I’ve had their song “Maps” on repeat.


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