Morgan Higgins Talks YouTube, Swift and Her Latest Single

Nickelodeon is no stranger to housing big stars before they hit the mainstream. Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean, Melissa Joan Hart and of course the latest – Ariana Grande. Hoping to be added to that list soon enough is Lost in the West’s Morgan Higgins. She’s acting on the small screen, but it isn’t her first time on TV. Oh no, she was a contestant on Rising Star a few years back and while she didn’t take home the top prize, she – well she’lll tell you how she felt about her time on that reality show below. Just like she’ll talk about starting out on YouTube, Taylor Swift and her latest single, “Hey Boy.”

Kendra: You’ve been doing covers for awhile on YouTube, many young artists have. Where do you think singers like yourself would be if that platform never took off like it did?

Morgan Higgins: Youtube really helped me get my stuff out there and it gave me a platform to start singing in front of a worldwide audience. I can’t imagine where I would be without it. Its a great tool for everyone, not just singers, to connect on a worldwide level. It’s made it easy to build relationships and a following. I think without it, all of us Youtubers wouldn’t have had a place to share our creativity with others who enjoy it.

Kendra: Speaking of, you have done a fair share of Taylor Swift. She has her haters but you’re definitely not one of them. What about her career do you idolize most?

Morgan: I LOVE TAYLOR…and quite frankly wonder why some people don’t like her. I think she is just inspirational in so many ways. Of course I admire her songs and her performances, but I most importantly admire the way she carries herself. She has a lot of responsibility and a lot of people like me who look up to her. With all that pressure, it’s amazing how classy and down to earth she stays while managing a multimillion dollar career. I think she’s an amazing role model whether people are trying to figure out how to get through their adolescence or if they are trying to follow the perfect plan to success.

Kendra: A couple of years ago you landed on ABC’s Rising Star with Ludacris and Kesha. When you’re eliminated, do you end up resenting the song you sang that week – maybe just a little?

Morgan: Rising Star was definitely a crazy experience considering it was my first time ever being on TV. As far as my song choice goes, I do regret the song I sang. I don’t regret it because I got eliminated though. I regret that I didn’t show my best self; the song I chose didn’t show the strongest parts of my voice. “Edge of Glory” is a great song and Lady Gaga is one of the most talented women in music right now but I think I just fell victim to peer pressure and I felt like i had to compete in the vein of the other contestants instead of staying true to myself.

Kendra: Now you have your own new song coming out, “Hey Boy.” Was that at all inspired by your own boyfriend, or is it not a song of adoration at all? Let us know what we can expect from it!

Morgan: I’m super excited about “Hey Boy” because it is my first big single. It was inspired by a guy who I’ve known since I was in 7th grade and after getting to know him better, I fell for him. This song represents my attempt to get his attention in a playful way. Its definitely very personal to me because he is special to me and so is our relationship.

Kendra: Other than “Hey Boy,” what can we expect from you over the next few months?

Mogan: Well I’m working on another song as well but it’s just starting out and I think it’s going to be a ballad or ballad-esque. I really want to make sure my next song is as special as “Hey Boy” so I’m taking my time on it but I’m excited to share it with you guys when it is ready!

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