Scuba and the Tanks’ debut album, “The Girl, the World, & the Struggle”


Scuba and the Tanks is an Indie Soft Rock solo project from El Paso, Tx, founded in acoustic-folk rhythms with Rock, Jazz, & Blues influences, backed by a free-flowing bass, some light piano & electric leads, and a driving beat, all written and recorded by Stephen Molina.

Stephen Molina is 24 years old and currently putting the finishing touches on his 13-track LP, all written and recorded in his room by himself with guest vocals by Elaine Keim. After piano lessons at age 13, Stephen met his first love, the bass guitar, when he was asked to play in a local Praise & Worship band, which helped him form a very spiritual connection between love and music, the two most important things in life. After picking up bass rather quickly, he was determined to be self-taught in as many instruments as he could, though it wasn’t until he bought his first acoustic guitar at 16 that his passion for songwriting began to sprout. Shortly after, he messed around on drums, the harmonica, and the electric guitar and was able to find his voice in it all and grow into an exceptionally gifted composer, songwriter, soul searcher, and storyteller.

It didn’t happen overnight though. Stephen’s ongoing struggle with ADD, depression, anxiety, and OCD had kept him in hiding for almost 9 years, getting so stuck in his head, filling it with fear and doubt, and laying in bed for hours on end feeling like the world didn’t need him. Naturally, these disorders helped shape Stephen’s artistry in more good ways than bad, giving him time to work on himself and his craft. Most days, it would’ve destroyed him, but he managed to push himself over and over to be better, to dig deep into the muck of emotion and pull out something beautiful. By 2015, having written enough material for nearly 3 albums already, Stephen finally decided it was a good time to start pumping out some tunes.


Scuba and the Tanks’ debut album, “The Girl, the World, & the Struggle,” is a story of love, loss, and rehabilitation. Its ending leaves the main character still lost and confused but aware that it’s ok to not have it all figured out because no one does. All that matters is moving forward, leaning on love, and letting the past stay in the past. Scuba and the Tanks may have started with a cheap guitar and a pocket full of bad days to vent about, but now the project has become a living, breathing art form and hopes to inspire the trapped, the troubled, the aimless, and the unhappy: “This album is a symbol of perseverance despite the ever-growing odds, and I wanted to share that with the audience right in the intro song, “Tickets, Please.” It states to never quit or you’ll lose yourself getting caught in the what-if’s and could’ve’s. I also know that bad days are always around the corner, so even if you slip, even if you begin to fall, I promise to do my best to hold you up and not move.”

“The Girl, the World, & the Struggle” is expected to release July 22 2016, and a Kickstarter just launched to fund a successful album release! For more information, please stop by!








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